The Honorable Nelson Díaz Visits Esperanza

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Esperanza welcomed the Honorable Nelson Díaz on Oct. 31, 2018, to speak with our students from the high school and college about his new autobiographical book, “Not from Here, Not from There.”

Díaz visited as part of the Esperanza Speaker Series, an event series that brings leaders in areas like religion, politics, and entertainment to Esperanza in order to inspire and encourage the community.

The Honorable judge shared what it was like being the first Latino to pass the Pennsylvania Bar Examination, the first Latino judge in the state, and the first Latino member of the General Counsel to the U.S. Department of Housing. He encouraged the students that they could also aspire to such success.

“You have those opportunities now open for you” explained Díaz. “More than I had for me. Why? Because at least you’re getting education earlier than I did, you learn how to read and write earlier than I did, and you have people who are praying for you.”

A lifetime of being the first Latino in the positions he held is very impressive, but Díaz told the students that part of being successful means helping others become successful as well.

“I passed the bar,” said Díaz, “and everybody behind me, I made sure that they were prepared to pass the bar in the same way. And that’s what you can do for the next classes.”

Esperanza gave away copies of Díaz’s book and allowed the students time to meet the judge and get their book autographed. Students who spoke with Díaz shared that they were inspired by his story.

“I want you to make it,” Diaz said toward the end of his speech, “and make it in a better way than I could.”