#YoSoyLaCara de mi Comunidad- Community Leaders Join the Latino Pride Campaign

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This week was a busy one at Esperanza. Just yesterday we completed the Esperanza Capacity Institute, two days of intensive workshops for community leaders. There was an amazing celebration of Mujeres de Esperanza’s 10 years of prayer, service, and advocacy. Just this morning, the 2014 Orlando E. Costas Lectureship, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Carlos F. Cardoza-Orlandi, was held at Esperanza College.

So many people this week represented their communities through educational pursuits, displays of faith and worship, and acts of service. The business, non-profit and church leaders we have met truly are the proud faces of their communities. They represent a force for positive change and persistent drive towards progress.

The #YoSoyLaCara campaign began as a community pride initiative for the Hunting Park and 5th Street Corridor area of North Philadelphia, but it has grown to include Latinos everywhere. We are so pleased with the response we have received from supporters across the country. These are the faces of Hispanic Heritage. They are faces of hope for a better future for their people.

Be proud; be part of something bigger; be the face of your community.

To join this campaign, post your picture, by yourself or with a group, to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #YoSoyLaCara and join others who represent their community with pride.