When Hip Hop Collides with Student Loan Education

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Esperanza Hosts Partnership to Promote Financial Literacy Around Attending College with Student Loans

Philadelphia, PA – September 29, 2017. Esperanza College of Eastern University, Esperanza Academy Charter School, and Esperanza Cyber Charter School will host the Knowledge for College Tour on October 2. The Tour is a collaboration between Sallie Mae and rapper Dee-1 in which Dee-1 visits schools throughout the country discussing the basic financial literacy principals of attending college while incorporating his personal story and music.

Dee-1 is a rapper and former middle school teacher from New Orleans, LA. He has garnered national recognition in the music industry, having peaked at number 5 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart in March 2016. Dee-1 and Sallie Mae began their Knowledge for College partnership in 2016, touring in five states, interacting with more than 3,000 students, and giving away $95,000 to help students attend college.

“The Knowledge for College Tour is an excellent opportunity for students to interact with a nationally renowned artist, hear his story of how going to college prepared him for his future, learn the financial process of going to college, and be challenged to become financially responsible,” said Dr. David Hurtado, Dean of Administration at Esperanza College. “We are excited to provide our students with an opportunity to learn money management skills in a way that is exciting for them.”

The Knowledge for College Tour at Esperanza will reach Esperanza Academy’s middle school, high school, and cyber school students, as well students earning their associate’s degree at Esperanza College. It is an important opportunity to encourage students at many stages of education to view college attendance as an attainable and financially sensible goal.

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