Esperanza & God in the City is Changing the Landscape of Philly

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After spending a couple of days in Boston for Elevation, I went in the opposite direction a few days later to Philly. It was my third time as a participant in the Esperanza God in the City Event. This event and campus have quickly become one of my favorite events and places every year.

What is Esperanza?

The remarkable thing about Esperanza is that it’s a beacon in Philadelphia that serves the struggling, mostly Hispanic community of the area. The facility was converted from an envelope factory in the 80s. Now it’s an accredited college offshoot of Eastern University, a charter school K through High School, a newspaper publication for Impacto, a legal office for immigration services, housing assistance, a fully functional performance venue, a library, a recording/TV studio, and so much more. Not to mention, it’s mostly run by Christians and is tied to many churches in the area. The place is simply remarkable.

The entire facility and staff operate with a sense of excellence and urgency. They are all about “the least of these” and giving back to the community. The God in the City event is a yearly culmination of those efforts. They open up the building for a leadership conference that serves to educate and empower people within ministry, urban development, and similar spaces.

God in the City

For the last three years, I co-hosted a panel geared toward artists that spoke on marketing and best practices. My previous co-panelists were OnBeatMusic and Jxhn Pvul. This year we revamped it, and it was named after my book Survival of the Artist. I did the panel with Aable for this one. Continue Reading…