#TBT- Feltonville Veterans Memorial Plaza Revitalization Public Meeting

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In late July, Esperanza hosted public meetings in order to get community input about how to improve the Veteran’s Memorial Plaza at Wyoming and Rising Sun Avenues. We are happy to announce the success of these meetings and show our community the action steps that follow.

Over 40 people attended the public meetings which consisted of roundtable discussions facilitated by staff of Esperanza Housing and Economic Development and the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. Participants were asked:

  • What makes the plaza important to them?
  • What concerns did they have about the space?
  • What amenities did they want to see included/excluded in the improvements?

Representatives of veterans groups were present at both meetings.  Their involvement in the process ensures that the final design will enhance the existing monument and honor the sacrifices of local service people.

State Representative Leslie Acosta attended the July 29 meeting and personally participated in the roundtable discussions for over an hour.  At the conclusion of the meeting, she publicly presented an award recognizing the contributions of a local veteran.

Following the meetings, Esperanza staff prepared a summary of the results and delivered design recommendations to the PHS.  PHS’ professional designers and landscape architects will use these recommendations to draft construction-quality plans for the space. The final plans will be revealed to the community and presented for feedback at a November 2015 meeting.  Following any necessary refinements, PHS will work with the city to plan and secure permits for construction, which will begin in spring 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates on how our community is making their space a better place!