Esperanza Elementary Charter School

Dear Esperanza Community,

Esperanza is dedicated to empowering Hispanic communities through education, and one way we hope to do this is by completing our educational pipeline to provide a seamless learning experience from Kindergarten to College.

In 2015, Esperanza applied to expand our schools to include K-5 elementary education. While our application was initially denied, we continued to pursue support for this endeavor with another new charter application for 2016. We invited families in our neighborhood and at Esperanza Academy Charter High School and Middle School, who have seen the success the students at Esperanza charter schools have achieved, to submit letters of support and pre-registration forms if they were interested in having their children attend Esperanza Elementary Charter School.

We received an outpouring of support from the community including 676 community support letters and 266 children pre-registered!

As you may know, we were approved to make Esperanza Elementary a reality! We will be opening in the fall of 2017 with 138 students. If you are still interested in pre-registration, please take a look at the form below,