Esperanza & Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia Strengthen Hispanic Communties

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Esperanza was founded in 1987 by the Reverend Luis Cortés Jr. and the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity. Since then, we have worked together to  expand the size and scope of our programs to address evolving needs and to improve the economic stability of the region.

The Hispanic Clergy has recently appointed a new Board of Directors who plans to engage Hispanic pastors in the community and provide them with resources, activities, and a forum to support their own ministries and meet the needs of their communities.

The Hispanic Clergy Board of Directors includes:

Reverend Jose Carrera, President

Reverend Esdras Seda, VP

Reverend Adan Mairena, Secretary

Reverend Bonnie Camarda, Teasurer

On Saturday, March 14th, a Pastor’s Breakfast was hosted by the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia at Esperanza College. Faith leaders from across the city enjoyed a time of fellowship, vision casting and worship. The next event will be a dinner for pastors and spouses on May 11.

With a national network of over 13,000 Hispanic congregations, faith and community based agencies, Esperanza is a leading voice for Hispanics in America. Esperanza has sought to empower the Hispanic church and since its inception, has invested over $13M into Hispanic faith based organizations. We want to extend our investment in the Hispanic Church through events of all kinds such as the smaller regular fellowship meetings, Esperanza Capacity Institute, and on a much larger scale, the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. We also now offer small grants to Hispanic ministries who serve Philadelphia communities.

To learn more about Esperanza’s ministries across the country, visit Ministerios de Esperanza.