Esperanza Cyber Charter School’s First Graduate

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Esperanza is incredibly proud to announce the first ever graduate from the Esperanza Cyber Charter School,  Ana Adames, who has been here since its founding 3 years ago.

The ceremony was small, but it was immensely important. When asked if she would like to say a few words, Ana thanked the staff at ECCS and said, “You guys are like family.”

Director of Instruction at ECCS Rachel Moore agrees:

“Ana Adames transferred to Esperanza Cyber as a 10th grader, after having been on Esperanza Academy’s waiting list for 2 years. ECCS worked well for Ana as she had personal responsibilities ranging from working in her family’s Salon to caring for her younger siblings and cousins during the day. Ana was able to complete schoolwork and communicate with her teachers not only when it was most convenient for her during the day but also at night, on weekends, and even throughout the summer. When Ana was called by the Academy after her first year at ECCS, she decided to remain with ECCS because she enjoyed not only the scheduling flexibility but also the personal attention she consistently received from not only her teachers but administrative staff as well. The personal relationships she formed with Esperanza staff helped to keep her on track, motivated her, and allowed her to truly develop her own individual path. Ana will be returning to her native Dominican Republic to attend college with a primary focus on Tourism and Marketing. We all expect only the greatest personal and professional success from Ana and feel truly blessed to have been allowed to share in her journey.”

It is an honor to witness the fulfillment of hard work and dedication from the passionate teachers and staff at ECCS and Ana’s own resolve to persevere despite a non-traditional educational track. She says, “Some decide to quit and give up, but some choose to go on and keep going.” That is exactly what Ana did when she completed her high school education at ECCS.

That is the experience you get when you are a part of the Esperanza community. Hopes turn into the fulfillment of an idea, an endeavor, a dream. That is The Esperanza Opportunity.