Esperanza College Celebrates the Gift of Education

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Friday, December 2nd Esperanza College will hold graduation ceremonies at In the Light Ministries, 191 W Hunting Park Ave, at 6:30 pm.

Esperanza College seeks to provide Hispanic and other underserved communities a Christian faith-based education that is affordable and culturally appropriate to equip individuals to serve their communities as they live out God’s love by being the hands and feet of Jesus. This is Esperanza’s 16th fall graduation. Since then, about  800 students have graduated with an associate’s degree, close to 125 of its alumni have graduated with a bachelor’s degree, and over a dozen have graduated with a master’s degree.

Approximately 350 are currently working on an associates, bachelor or master’s degree. Its alumni excel in their fields providing valuable contributions to their surrounding community. An environment of service is part of the transformation that it seeks to implement and exemplify through a curriculum built upon faith, reason and justice.

Alexandra Zareth Canales is an ordained Christian minister and will be the guest keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony. Friday’s graduating class of 37 students have a bright future ahead of them. You also might be feeling a tug in your heart to prepare yourself for a lifetime of servant leadership. If so, take your first step and become a part of the future history of Esperanza College.

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