Esperanza and The Partnership Release National Study on Poverty

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Esperanza is proud to share the results of a brand new idea paper, “Restoring the American Dream: What Would It Take to Dramatically Increase Mobility from Poverty?” authored by the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty, a partnership staffed by the Urban Institute and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Reverend Luis Cortés, Jr. was a member of the Partnership and contributed to its nationwide findings. Esperanza works to transform geographies of poverty into communities of opportunity through comprehensive place-based development initiatives focusing on education, economic development, and workforce programs.

In 2016, the US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty (the Partnership) convened with the task of answering one big, bold, and exciting question: What would it take to dramatically increase mobility from poverty? Over two years, 24 members of the Partnership listened to and learned from 300 residents from more than 30 urban, suburban, rural, and tribal communities, as well as from 400 content experts. Together, the Partners, along with the Reverend Cortés, developed a new, more holistic definition of mobility; five interconnected strategies for investment; and 13 actionable ideas to support these strategies. Among these strategies were:

  • Change the narrative
  • Create access to good jobs
  • Ensure zip code is not destiny
  • Provide support that empowers
  • Transform data use

Each week over the next few months, the Partnership will release idea papers detailing specific proposals under each of the five strategies.

“Esperanza was honored to be chosen as a Partnership member for our trajectory of successful work,” said Reverend Cortés. “I was privileged to learn from a magnificent set of colleagues, and I am hopeful that the mobility from poverty agenda will take hold in philanthropic and government circles.” Esperanza is proud of Reverend Cortés’ work in the fight to strengthen our communities!

The Reverend Luis Cortés has been working to empower low-income people in the North Philadelphia Latino community of Hunting Park for more than 30 years. Under his leadership, Esperanza has grown from the basement of a church in low-income north Philadelphia to 350,000 sq. ft. on an eight-and-half-acre campus which is home to the city’s most successful welfare-to-work program, one of the city’s top-performing charter schools, robust real estate development (both residential and commercial), and many more impactful programs. For more information, please visit www.esperanza.us.