Esperanza Academy Students Give a Voice to the Oppressed

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On Friday, February 20th and Monday, February 23rd, students at Esperanza Academy Charter High School presented “A Voice from the Shadows” – a unit culminating project that allowed students to self-select an oppressed group to give a voice. These “voices” came in the form of presentations, letters, program proposals and articles.

In the auditorium on Friday and Monday, students with presentations offered their insights on their topics in an attempt to evoke empathy from the audience as well as offer the audience a call-to-action – something each member can do to show their support or take a step to end oppression.

Topics ranged from infanticide to sexual abuse to racial profiling. Each student had a unique perspective on forms of oppression and a variety of ways in which we can all take steps to put an end to these forms of oppression. If students with ideas like these are the future then we have a lot to look forward to, because every single one of them has the capacity to change the world.

Check out some of the advice students had: