Enlace’s Jonas Gonzales Receives the Esperanza Spirit Award at #NHPB2015

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Last week, Esperanza held the 2015 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference in Washington, D.C. An important aspect of the Prayer Breakfast is honoring those in our communities who have dedicated themselves to a lifetime of service in ministry. The Esperanza Spirit Award has been given to pioneers in theological education, leaders in the field of Latino ethics, ministers who have dedicated their lives to being a spiritual guide for the church, evangelists committed to spreading the gospel, and theologians who have shared their creativity and wisdom.

This year the Esperanza Spirit Award was given to Jonas Gonzales for his ministry in telecommunications, connecting millions of Hispanic Christians around the world. Jonas Gonzales is the President of Enlace TV, which began with a transmitter of only 10 watts and is now an international network of Christian satellite communications in Spanish, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, spreading the gospel to all who hear it.

Enlace’s main objective is to use this means of communication for the restoration of a society facing a crisis in its ethical, moral and cultural values. Enlace wants to offer an alternative that allows them to be a force for change in viewers’ homes.

The programming is produced in different parts of America, Europe and Asia, with high quality standards and a high cultural, spiritual and healthy entertainment content. Enlace’s programming is presented as a supplement to the usual offerings on television, meeting the needs of Hispanics with spiritual concerns, a market segment not addressed so far in the satellite and cable industries.

We congratulate Jonas Gonzales for his success in reaching millions of Hispanics with the Word of God, and hope that he remains an inspiration for Hispanics in the telecommunications industry for generations to come.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Registration open for the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast 2018, register now at www.nhpb.esperanza.us.