EILS Newsletter: January 2019

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Each Time You Support Us, We Empower Immigrants to Succeed

Esperanza Immigration Legal Services (“EILS”) has provided legal assistance to an astonishing number of clients in a short nine years— more than 1,200 immigrants, allowing them to obtain life-changing immigration benefits. In short, EILS is in the change-making business. And YOU help make that happen!

We help lift immigrants, so they may achieve their dreams in America. We hope you’ll continue to support us each year as we integrate immigrants into American society. Most recently, your support has led to Jessica’s* and Lisa’s* protection—and eventually their citizenship.

Jessica arrived in the United States with a visa about 10 years ago, to join her children who are American citizens. She had her green card, as a lawful permanent resident, but wanted to become a citizen. She felt unsafe in the United States and turned to EILS for support.

EILS helped Jessica obtain her citizenship in the United States. Jessica now feels more confident and secure about her situation. For example, she said, “I wanted to pursue a better job and get my GED and then apply to a Nursing program.” As a citizen, Jessica can now go to school and obtain a better life.

Lisa’s story, although different from Jessica’s, proves the resiliency of immigrants in U.S. society. About 10 years ago, she was walking through the streets of Philadelphia and saw three men following her. She started to run, but unfortunately, the men assaulted her.

Lisa decided to collaborate with the police to find her aggressors. With EILS’ help, she applied for and was eventually approved for a U-visa. Later, she came to EILS again to apply for citizenship, and she was naturalized as a citizen.

Lisa is now able to work, rent a house, and buy a car. She can now start her life in the United States, and as she states, “travel with peace of mind. I have spiritual tranquility.” Thanks to EILS she could feel peace.

Your support of EILS leads to real, tangible success. Immigrants flourish in American society, thanks to YOU. Will you help support immigrants in Philadelphia by making a gift in the new year, today?

*Client names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

EILS Thanks Chair of the Board Mike Malvey

Mike Malvey, a Partner at Galfand Berger LLP, is part of Esperanza’s culture of giving as the Chair of the Board of EILS. Esperanza gives so much to our Hunting Park community, and Mr. Malvey is no exception. Mike serves on EILS’ board because he believes in its mission of empowering immigrants.

Mr. Malvey gives in all facets of his professional life, as a lawyer and Board member. He first became involved with EILS in fall 2012 as a Board Observer. In that role, Mike shadowed the EILS Board to learn more about its good work in Hunting Park, Philadelphia. He was overwhelmed and moved as he learned about the process of becoming a citizen. Later, in 2013, the EILS Board voted in Mike as a full board member and elected him Board Chair in 2018. He has served in all roles with passion and enthusiasm.

Mr. Malvey works as a personal injury lawyer at Galfand Berger, LLP.  He chairs the firm’s Automobile Accident and Premises Liability departments. He represents clients who have been involved in personal injury accidents. The majority of injured people he represents in the Philadelphia area are not unlike EILS’ clients—they’ve experienced a personal crisis and need help.

No two days are alike for Mr. Malvey. Still, the same passion he brings to his job as a lawyer also impact his work with EILS. Just as Mr. Malvey helps injury victims navigate our courts to obtain justice, he likewise supports immigrants in need who must also navigate our challenging legal system.

Mr. Malvey wants donors to know that EILS provides low-cost legal services to more than 250 new clients a year, despite their two-person staff. Donations directly improve client services and allow EILS to help immigrants in Philadelphia. Will you give a gift today to EILS to support immigrants in Philadelphia achieve their dreams?

Make your Gift to EILS today

We’re so thankful that you’ve supported EILS and helped immigrants in the Philadelphia area. Thank you for all you’ve done this past year. You’ve been the force that’s helped us serve the ‘least of these’ and made sure immigrants achieve their dreams to become Americans this year. But we’re not done yet. We continue to support immigrants in need, so they may live the American dream in 2019 and beyond.  

In the face of recent administrative decisions, we need to keep up the momentum we have. We know there’s still so much to do and we can accomplish so much with your prayers and support.

Thank you for considering making a gift to Esperanza Immigration Legal Services. It will not go unnoticed in our community. Thanks for making your gift today!