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Esperanza Capacity Institute 2016

Equipping for Service Toward the Other


It’s that time again! The 2016 Esperanza Capacity Institute is happening on October 7th & 8th at Esperanza in Philadelphia. We hope to see you there for two days of comprehensive workshops where non-profit professionals and church leaders from across the country come together to strengthen their skills, “Equipping for Service toward The Other”. Watch the video to check out who some of our keynote speakers are this year!

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This year, on day one, ECI will host tried and true workshops that every non-profit can benefit from, Relational Mentoring, and Housing Counseling for Esperanza’s affiliates. Last year, we experienced great success with workshops geared toward police chaplains. This year, we are expanding our chaplaincy workshops to include those in a multitude of industries, including corporate, medical, and military.

On day two, we will be hosting a buffet of Youth Ministry workshops geared toward outfitting your church leaders with the tools they need to successfully run youth programs in their communities. We will be offering four different tracks in Youth Ministry, including Discipleship, Evangelism, Community and Youth Culture!


Day One: Capacity Building

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[tabby title=”Relational Mentoring”]

Relational Mentoring

There is a diversity of programs and settings where mentors work with youth. Each program may have a different structure or model.  However, there are essential elements to mentoring effectively which determines your impact and long-term success with youth. This track is specifically designed for those affiliates who are members of the Office of Justice and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Program Real Time Mentoring program. However, they are open to any participant whether or not they are affiliated with Esperanza’s Real Time Mentoring program.

Youth Centered Mentoring

“We Need YOU for a Youth-Centered Approach”

Traditionally, mentees are enrolled into a mentoring program, matched to mentor, and guided along a structured agenda for an expected result. However, the context and the needs of the mentee may be disregarded in the process. This will be a dialogue on the importance of meeting a youth where they are, assess properly, and customize the agenda, meetings, and goals around the youth’s need. This is Youth-Centered Mentoring.   Facilitated by  Ruben Ortiz,  Esperanza’s Director of National Programs.


“Want to be a Mentor?”

The concept of nurturing successful mentees, is highly connected to the recruitment and nurturing of committed mentees. The goal of this workshop is to enhance the organizational staff’s efforts on recruiting mentors for their respective program, and what tools can be utilized to retain mentors, and utilize them in their recruiting efforts. Let us dialogue how we can strategically recruit and support mentors for prolonged participation and recurrence.  Facilitated by Anthony Ramos, Esperanza’s Associate Project Director for National Programs.

Real Time Mentoring Management

“Having Data Work for You”

Though tedious, and often not as glamourous, effective data       may just be the tool needed to meet and exceed your organizational goals and expectations. Join us as we discuss data specifics such as: proper invoice submission, statistical gathering and tracking, along with ETO input and reporting. Facilitated by Marcos Sanchez, Esperanza’s Data Coordinator for National Programs.


[tabby title=”Housing Counseling”]

Housing Counseling

This tract is reserved for professional Housing Counselors who are members of the Esperanza HUD Intermediary Network of Housing Counseling. This is a closed tract and only preapproved personnel in contract with Esperanza Housing Counseling Services will be allowed to attend. The following workshops have been tailored made for this group of professionals:

Housing HUD Counseling System

Housing Grant Management

Debt Repayment Options & Debt Ratios



Day Two: Youth Ministry

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[tabby title=”Discipleship”]

Man Up – Building Our Boys into Men of God. Manhood does not happen automatically. It takes effort and intentionality on behalf of parents, youth ministers, educators and other role models. This workshop will provide you with ideas and tools to effectively engage and disciple male students.

Glitter Gloss and Glory – Whether its self-worth, body image, or self-confidence, teenage girls statistically lag behind teenage boys. This workshop looks at believing in, and shaping our young ladies into bold and strong women of God.

Mentoring in the Context of Faith – Hanging with Kids is Just Not Good Enough. What is the difference between mentoring and discipleship? This workshop will help you define this answer. With so many approaches to working with youth, we will focus on helping our youth grow in a thriving relationship with God.


[tabby title=”Evangelism”]

Practice What You Speak – Living the Gospel Through Lifestyle and Not Just Words. Words are so powerful they can help or hurt a young person. However, your lifestyle is just as, if not more powerful. This workshop is about living a Godly lifestyle without compromising relevancy in order share the gospel with our young people.

Reaching Generation “Z” – Teaching the Bible to the Current Generation of Youth. The generation born after millennials that is emerging is the next big population for market researchers, cultural observers and trend forecasters. These are youth born between 1996 and 2010. This Wi-Fi generation needs to be loved and understood. They also demand an experience of the faith which is suited to their context. This workshop is designed to meet that need.

Their Turf, Their Terms – Innovative Approaches to Evangelizing Urban Youth. Reaching urban youth could be done through creative programming and/or with Bible facts. However, the most effective approaches with long-term impact are those that build authentic relationship with young people on their turf and terms. This workshop is not a drive-through method, but rather about being committed and consistent through innovative ways.


[tabby title=”Community”]

City of Darkness or City of Light? – Viewing the City as a Place of Abundance and Hope. How do you describe the city? By its violent stats? By it lack of educational attainment? By its poverty? This workshop looks at the city as a place full of assets and hope. Jesus took the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness, and settled in a city.

Responding to Community Crisis – How Can Your Youth Ministry be a Part of the Solution in Times of Crisis? Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, etc. You’ve seen the news stories of brutality, anger, and violence. What is the role of the Christian youth in times like these? This workshop will provide you with practical ideas and steps to involve your youth ministry in critical issues even before they happen.

Rebuilding North Philly – How Youth Can, and Should Be Involved in Rebuilding Our Neighborhoods. Can community transformation happen only with gentrification? Isn’t this the responsibility of government? In this workshop you will learn about community development and transformation using Esperanza as a case study in Hunting Park. The workshop will provide you with practical ways to involve your youth in the well-being of our city.


[tabby title=”Youth Culture”]

From Yeezuz to Jesus – Can We Understand God in the Context of the Hood? At one point in church history, it was understood than in order to meet God you had to leave the city to get closer to him. Could it be that we are missing something by not looking for Him in places such as the hood? This workshop will look at how we can see and understand God better through the urban context.

Kulture Klub – Engaging Young People in the Arts and Culture. Football, Mixed Martial Arts, and Space Travel is not for everyone. There’s a big world of media, theatre, dance, painting, music, etc. Can God use this form of expression as a way for the Body of Christ to be effective in reaching our youth? This workshop will detail how you can create safe spaces to explore various artistic mediums while growing spiritually.

Muzik as Urban Prophesy? – How the Hip Hop Culture Speaks to the Reality of the Urban Poor. You cannot do effective urban youth ministry without understanding it. Hip Hop is one of the top influences in culture through music, fashion, media and swag. This workshop will look at a holistic understanding of hip hop and rap and its implications for your youth ministry.