Cyber Charter Schools are at the Forefront of Innovation

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It was 1998 when the first Cyber Charter School opened in Pennsylvania. This branch of schools has grown 15 times since then,  expanding opportunities and addressing specific student needs across the commonwealth.

According to the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools, the development of these schools has lead Pennsylvania to become one of the best educational systems in the nation.

Regardless of the student’s zip code, Charter Schools provide access to high quality teachers, resources, and opportunities.

Esperanza Cyber Charter School is not the exception. Since 2012, it has created an educational experience tailored to the needs of each student. It prepares each of them to be critically thinking, socially capable, culturally aware young adults who can use English, Spanish and technology as tools for success in the 21st century.

Currently enrolling nearly 350 students in grades K-12, Esperanza Cyber School creates an individualized learning plan for each child.

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For more information about ECCS visit www.esperanzacyber.org