At Esperanza Academy, “No Place for Hate”

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On Wednesday, October 26th, the Anti-Defamation League’s initiative “No Place for Hate” partnered with Esperanza Academy and the Mural Arts Program to make screen-printed t-shirts for students and staff.  The collaboration was intended to encourage students to make a stand against bullying in our school.
img_6025-editedEsperanza Academy teacher Eden Strunk stated:

“Not only did we make some powerful and poignant t-shirts to create awareness and change here at school, but we are working on changing the culture of our school to be more inclusive. We want our students to know that everyone, regardless of their differences, is appreciated and cared about.”

Our goal at Esperanza Academy is to create a safe and welcoming school environment for all.  These t-shirts focused particularly on bullying targeted at the LGBT community, and other forms of bullying will be highlighted throughout the year. This Friday, students will wear their t-shirts to start the dialogue and promote a positive, supportive community.