A Letter From An Esperanza Academy Student On “MLK Day”

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Martin Luther King Jr. once said in his most famous speech: “This is our hope, and is the faith that I go back to the South with.” He believed that we could come together to make this country great. He believed that everyone should have equal opportunities to accomplish their dreams.

Esperanza Academy was created as one of these opportunities. In addition to our core classes each student chooses one of 12 majors while in high school. We also have activities in the arts and athletics that help bring everyone together to share with each other what we have learned. Doing this brings people from different backgrounds together to make a great product or performance. We bring our hope and our faith to share with each other. Just as Dr. King Jr., had a [great] dream to free Black people from discrimination, we all have dreams to one day do something great.  

Martin Luther King Jr. said: “We cannot walk alone,” and “we cannot turn back.” Esperanza Academy is a school that truly believes this. We are always encouraged to talk to someone if there is a problem, and to ask for support if there is something we really need. Esperanza Academy always wants us moving forward and seeks to provide all of its students opportunities to succeed. We are encouraged to work hard to develop our gifts, talents and abilities to succeed and to be great.

This is why we take this holiday so seriously – because we believe in the same things that Dr. King Jr., stood for and worked so hard to make a reality.

William Torres, 12th grade.

Esperanza Academy