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Meet Esperanza’s Board of Directors




Judith Torres-Lynch


The Chair of the Board of Esperanza oversees an extremely talented and dedicated leadership team.  Esperanza’s President, Executive Team, and Vice Presidents are professionals who have an incredible wealth of expertise in their field.  Our leaders are experts in education, community economic development, administration, public policy, fundraising, finance and banking, and many other areas.  Perhaps even more importantly, each one of our leaders has a passion for our mission, and a desire to contribute their talents for the benefit of the Hispanic community in Philadelphia and around the country.

Rev. Bonnie Camarda


Rev. Ernest Flores

Board Member

Nelson Acevedo

Board Member

Udi Bar-David

Board Member

Josue Figueroa

Board Member


We thank you for your fearless leadership and continued support

of our endeavors to empower Latinos everywhere.