Year in Review: Nora Sandigo is Honored for her Advocacy for Children of Deported Parents

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In June, Esperanza held the 2015 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference in Washington, D.C. where hundreds of faith leaders from across the country came together to learn from one another and advocate as one body for Hispanic communities nationwide. An important aspect of this conference is honoring those in our community to have dedicated their lives to serving the Hispanic community. The Mujeres de Esperanza Certain Woman Award is presented to a woman who demonstrates a Biblical expression of service and advocacy, ordinary women doing extraordinary work.

Nora Sandigo was this year’s recipient because of her incredible display of compassion and advocacy for American children who have no one to turn to when their parents are deported. Sandigo is a blessed mother who acts with love and mercy, who translates her faith into action and never fails to share her heavenly blessings with those in need.

“Es un premio que lo recibimos en el nombre de todos los niños y que nos compromete a seguir adelante con nuestra misión de servicio.”

“We recieve this award on behalf of all these children, and it strengthens our commitment to continue our mission to serve them.”

We congratulate Nora Sandigo and hope that, through her advocacy, the children she has cared for can be reunited with their families once again.