We are Hope. We are Esperanza.

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Hope is a student like Ayani Zayas- achieving dreams of success made real, despite a family legacy of struggle, poverty, and hardship.

Ayani enrolled at Esperanza College uncertain of what might be ahead of her. A Criminal Justice major, she found that the encouragement from her professors carried her through moments of self-doubt and pushed her towards success. Ayani believes coming to Esperanza College was the best thing she has ever done: “You started something, you did it for a reason, you have faith in that reason, and then justice will be your outcome.”


In May 2017, Ayani graduated with her associate’s degree from Esperanza College and is now working towards the completion of her bachelor’s degree with dreams of pursuing law school. A first-generation college graduate, Ayani is Hope. Ayani is Esperanza.

Together we provide hope and opportunity to the most vulnerable among us and now, more than ever, we need your support.

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