Transforming Hunting Park, Philadelphia into a thriving Hispanic destination

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Campus Expansion and Neighborhood Transformation

After 30 years of building high-quality assets, institutions, and programs in Hunting Park, Philadelphia, Esperanza’s vision for the future is to create quality-of-life, opportunity, and mobility communities. We are in the midst of accomplishing this goal by investing $28 million in new facilities and spaces on our campus in the heart of Hunting Park. We are currently constructing a Theater for Performing Arts, Media, and Technology (built to Screen Actors Guild standards), Conference Facilities, an Art Gallery, and a new Esperanza College Library.

All new facilities will be used to train students from our schools in the production aspects of arts, media and technology.

Esperanza also plans on installing new fencing and landscaping improvements which will further beautify the adjacent streets. Upon completion of the project, Esperanza will have invested nearly $100 million in the development of its campus since acquiring the land in the 1990s.  We believe that in the years to come, the site will complement ongoing efforts to revitalize Hunting Park and its 5th Street Corridor by drawing residents from across the city to experience our thriving Latino cultural destination!