The Power Of Perseverance

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Anybody who has experience the dreadful process of job hunting can relate to how frustrating and exhausting it can be. However, for Viviana Gonzalez the struggle was not much about finding a job as it was about retaining it.

Gonzalez has been enrolled in Esperanza’s Employment Advancement and Retention Center (EARN) since three years ago. She obtained employment four times throughout the years but her biggest barrier was being able to retain employment past the probationary period. “She needed to learn how to manage a working lifestyle while still caring for her family,” Yesenia Rodriguez, EARN Workforce Advisor said.

Nonetheless, Esperanza played a transformational role in Gonzalez’s career development. “Ms. Gonzalez met with her workforce advisor and together they developed a plan to ensure that this time she was successful,” Rodriguez said. Gonzalez attended several workshops on site including “Choosing the Right Employer,” “Conflict Resolution,” “Stress Management,” and “Time Management.” As a result of learning new skills through EARN, Gonzalez successfully secured employment.

“Ms. Gonzalez learned how to create a support system, how to manage her time between her family and work, and how to prioritize family and work responsibilities,” Rodriguez said. Gonzalez was first hired on a part time basis by ProStaffing. She now works at Metro PCS as a Sales Associate, earning $8 an hour plus benefits on a full time basis. “Ms. Gonzalez has successfully completed five months of employment retention and is scheduled to complete our program Dec. 2016,” Rodriguez said.

Gonzalez’s determination and resilience in obtaining and retaining employment with the help of Esperanza is a true example of the power of perseverance- which at the end always pays off.

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