The Esperanza Effect Newsletter: February 2019

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Save the Date: the Esperanza Chess Queens “Galentines” Event this March 21, 2019

The Esperanza “Chess Queens” will celebrate a rescheduled #GalentinesDay on Thursday, March 21 at Esperanza Academy. We’re hoping you’ll be able to make it! The team is looking to raise $20,000 to send the Chess Queens to Nationals. Just $60 will help cover entry fees to the competition for 1 girl. We’ve already raised more than $3000. Send some love to the Chess Queens today!

We also have some exciting news to share about one of our Chess Queens: Daiana Espindola, the Esperanza Academy Chess Queens’ captain, was recently ranked 80th out of the Top 100 Female Chess Players in the United States (Age 16). You can read more about Daiana here and if you join us on March 21 you can practice chess with her and the rest of the team. Congratulations Daiana!

We hope you’ll be able to make it to our event on March 21 at Esperanza Academy and consider supporting the Chess Queens!

Esperanza College Alumni Spotlight: Emmanuel “Manny” Rolon Sees Opportunity in his Hometown of Hunting Park, Philadelphia

If anyone knows Hunting Park, it’s Emmanuel “Manny” Rolon. Manny was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the Hunting Park area for most of his life. He loves living, studying, and working in his own neighborhood: a place that saw opportunity in him. That’s why Manny now dedicates his life, as an Esperanza College Alumnus, to serving Hunting Park as an Esperanza employee—committed to bringing opportunity to Latino Philadelphia, this place that he calls home. 

Manny’s journey started with his pursuit of a college education in 2014—he and his sister were the first of their family to graduate. Manny majored in Accounting at Esperanza College where Professor Gene Lillie encouraged him to pursue a career in Finance. At Esperanza College, Manny enjoyed the small class sizes and the community atmosphere. “It felt like a small family,” even though the classes were challenging.

As an Esperanza College graduate, Manny wants to one day own a business in Hunting Park.  He aims to combine his love for art and design with accounting and run his own skateboarding business. “I want to be able to run a program, that connects (my) love for art—to get children off the streets and help kids express themselves.”

Manny looks to complete his bachelor’s degree in 2019 at Eastern University.

He continues to create impact in Hunting Park every day. Manny works for the Accounting Department at Esperanza’s corporate office where he has learned so much about finance and business in his career.

Overall, Manny would like others to know that being an Esperanza College Alumnus is a source of pride. “Being able to not give up and get that opportunity (to help and do all that) Esperanza does. It opens up a lot of doors, being an Alumni. “

We’re so grateful to have Manny—an Esperanza College Alumnus—working with us. We’re all working towards opportunity in our community together—thank you so much to all our Esperanza Alumni doing great work in Hunting Park and beyond!

Teatro Esperanza kicks-off Winter/Spring Season with Headline Acts: Philadelphia Orchestra, Andes Manta and more!

Teatro Esperanza partnered with the Philadelphia Orchestra this month to host a free neighborhood concert and will launch its upcoming March programming with music from the Ecuadorian Andes with “Andes Manta.” All performances are offered at affordable prices for the community. Tickets may be purchased online at TeatroEsperanza.us.

Members from the Philadelphia Orchestra performed “Three Short Pieces for Woodwind Quintet” on Feb. 24 with a packed house full of guests.

Andes Manta will perform music from the Ecuadorian Andes on Saturday, March 2. Children and students will have the opportunity to attend the performance free-of-charge.

From the lyrical sound of the quena, or Andean Flute, to the haunting tones of the six-foot long pan-pipes, the music of Andes Manta is an experience that never fails to bring audiences to their feet. Saturday’s show culminates the ensemble’s in-school residency at Esperanza Academy, where Andes Manta musicians will lead a pan-pipe building workshop and rehearsal with Esperanza Academy students. Saturday’s concert will feature an interactive performance by Esperanza Academy students and their families as a finale.

To purchase tickets or for more information, visit TeatroEsperanza.us.