Telemundo 62 News Anchor Iris Delgado Shares Industry Advice with Journalism Students


Telemundo 62, news anchor and reporter, Iris Delgado shared some of her career wisdom with Esperanza Academy students majoring on journalism. Delgado opened up about some tough experiences she has faced in the industry and how they molded her character and career.

Students were eager to hear all the insights of the day to day life of a news anchor and reporter, balance of life and work, and even how to deal with fame. She explained the importance of timeliness and a positive attitude. “When I get to work, I forget about everything and I’m in “go” mode,” Delgado said. “I also don’t wear make up on the weekends,” she remarked jovially.

Opportunities such as this one are very valuable for the students as they get to see an active member of the community come in to talk to them. Esperanza Academy journalism teacher Kayla Conklin leads the hands-on production journalism class where students write for various school publications. Nonetheless, since students focus primarily in writing they do not get a lot of exposure to other fields in journalism. “I think a lot of the kids don’t necessarily know all the career paths that exist for them, so hearing all these different jobs that they can’t want to be if they’re never exposed to the fact that they exist is great for them,” Conklin said.

Delgado won an Emmy Award for her exclusive interview and exceptional investigative reporting with the sole survivor of a massacre inside an Orlando beauty salon which she described to be a very rewarding moment in her career.

Delgado is known for her passion about children and youth having access to quality education. She closed her presentation with a trivia game and encouraging remarks.

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