Teatro Esperanza Welcomes ARTolerance

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“Dialogue in Three Movements,” Exploring Latino and Middle Eastern Traditions

In partnership with ARTolerance, Esperanza Arts Center (EAC) presented “Day of ARTolerance,” a one-day residency at Teatro Esperanza and Esperanza Academy Charter School last Friday, March 22. The residency included interfaith poetry readings and performance workshops with Esperanza students, and a culminating multi-disciplinary evening performance spotlighting Latino and Middle Eastern traditions.

The performance featured Keila Perez-Vega, Dancer; Cynthia Samaha, Soprano; Hafez Kotain, Percussion; and Udi Bar-David, Cello.

Guided by Esperanza’s core values of faith, integrity, and excellence, EAC is the hub for Latino performing arts in the Philadelphia region, spotlighting the rich spectrum of traditions from Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as other cultures from around the world, creating positive transformational experiences for students, families, and attendees of all ages through the arts. For more information on upcoming events visit teatroesperanza.us