Support Esperanza Elementary Charter School

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Dear Esperanza Community,

Founded in 2000, Esperanza Academy Charter School exists to provide a high-quality education that prepares critically thinking, socially capable, spiritually sensitive and culturally aware young adults who can use English, Spanish and technology as tools for success in the 21st century. Currently, Esperanza Academy serves 1000 students in grades 6-12.  Esperanza is also home to a 2 year accredited college which makes higher education more accessible than ever in Hunting Park neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Esperanza is dedicated to empowering Hispanic communities through education, and one way we hope to do this is by completing our educational pipeline to provide a seamless learning experience from Kindergarten to College.

Esperanza has applied to expand our schools to include elementary education. While our application was denied, we are continuing to pursue support for this endeavor. We are inviting the families in our neighborhood and at Esperanza Academy Charter High School and Middle School, who have seen the success the students at Esperanza charter schools have achieved to submit letters of support and pre-registration forms if you are interested in having your children attend Esperanza Elementary Charter School.

Please see the forms below to show that you too are ready for this opportunity for our students.