Rev. Luis Cortes Addresses Vital Latino Pennsylvania Concerns before the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee

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Rev. Luis Cortes Addresses Vital Latino Pennsylvania Concerns before the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee (HDPC) held a hearing on Friday, September 15, 2023, to hear from local community leaders about the contributions and concerns of Latino Pennsylvanians. The hearing, held at Teatro Esperanza in North Philadelphia, was hosted by State Rep. Jose Giral and several elected officials including Speaker Joanna McClinton. During the hearing, the HDPC heard from speakers including Rev. Luis Cortes, Founder & CEO of Esperanza, Will Gonzalez, Executive Director of Ceiba, and Frederick Ramirez, the founder of Pan American Behavioral Health Services. These public hearings are part of a larger effort to connect elected officials to hear the concerns of Pennsylvania across the state.

This hearing, titled “Latino Pennsylvania Contributions and Concerns,” provided a crucial platform for discussing issues that deeply affect the Latino population in Pennsylvania. Topics covered were education, housing, and mental health. Rev. Luis Cortes, the founder of Esperanza, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and advocating for Hispanic communities, delivered a powerful testimony that underscored both the positive contributions and critical challenges facing the community.

Rev. Luis Cortes stated, “I was honored to testify before the PA House Democratic Committee and to welcome Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton along with local leaders Representatives Giral and Burgos and their colleagues in the community. I thank them for the opportunity and for their willingness to travel to communities across the state to learn about challenges firsthand.  I look forward to working with them and other elected officials at the PA House and Senate to continue improving the quality of life for Latinos in the neighborhoods we serve.”

State Representative Jose Giral, who hosted the hearing, commented, “it is evident that the insights gained from this hearing will inform future legislative actions to better serve the Latino community and the entire state.”




For more information about the House Democratic Policy Committee and its initiatives, please visit https://www.pahouse.com/

Esperanza: Esperanza is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization founded in 1986 by Rev. Luis Cortes Jr. and the Hispanic Clergy of Philadelphia & Vicinity. Esperanza’s mission is to strengthen the Hispanic community through education, economic development, and advocacy. By providing resources, support, and opportunities, Esperanza empowers individuals and families to reach their fullest potential.