10 Ways Esperanza is Bringing Hope to Northeast Philadelphia and Beyond


Today, Feb. 27, we celebrate World NGO Day and recognize the important work that non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) are doing across the globe to improve their communities. As a faith-based NGO committed to strengthening Hispanic communities through education, economic development and advocacy in northeast Philadelphia and at a national level, Esperanza is making a difference by bringing hope and opportunities to the “least of these.” We’re working with students, small businesses, immigrants, advocates, first-time homebuyers, and more, empowering them to make their lives and communities stronger.

  1. We’ve built a network of over 14 thousand churches, community and faith based organizations.
  2. We’ve impacted 2,000 students at Esperanza Schools through our elementary school, middle school, high school, cyber school and college.
  3. We’ve served 200 local small business through Esperanza Housing & Economic Development program.
  4. We’ve trained 8,400 national advocates at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference over the course of 12 years.
  5. We’ve served 800 immigrants by giving them free legal assistance via Esperanza’s Immigration Legal Services.
  6. We’ve invested over $40 million into the Hunting Park community and business projects.
  7. We’ve reached over 4,000 at-risk youth through mentoring programs nationally.
  8. We’ve provided housing counseling to 10 thousand people nationally.
  9. We’ve served over 18 thousand people through PA CareerLink workforce assistance.
  10. Our Esperanza Charter Schools are continuously recognized as model schools for their excellence, breaking barriers and empowering our local community.

Thank you for donating and contributing to Esperanza. Your gift helps us do transformative work in Philadelphia and across the country!