Guillermo’s Story: Seizing Hope!

Stories of Hope

When Guillermo reached out to Esperanza, he had lost his job of many years. He was behind on his utilities and in foreclosure. As the only member of his household to earn an income, Guillermo urgently needed a job and knew what he wanted: to become a licensed truck driver. Our workforce team assisted Guillermo to enroll in Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training for his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Guillermo completed the program requirements and surpassed the minimum driving training hours. But as he neared his goal, the COVID-19 pandemic began and brought his plans to a halt. His school closed on the very same day his practical exam was scheduled. While many would feel defeated, Guillermo became creative. He inspired Esperanza’s team by advocating with local politicians so that he could relocate to another state without closings to complete his exam.

Today, Guillermo has his CDL and his family is thriving! Esperanza is proud to facilitate connections and specialized services for incredible individuals like Guillermo who seize each opportunity for hope.