Esperanza’s #YoSoyLaCara Nominated For Emmy Award

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Since 2014, Esperanza has successfully promote a Latino community pride campaign named “Yo Soy La Cara” (I am the face) reaching thousands of Latinos through social media. Every year, “Yo Soy La Cara” promotes a different “pride” fostering creativity and community engagement in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Esperanza is proud to announce, #YoSoyLaCara was once again nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award in the category of “Promotion-News and Programs and PSA Single Post,” under the production and direction of Josue Duarte, Esperanza’s VP of Media and Marketing.

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Last year, “Yo Soy La Cara” was a national campaign attempting to make voting a social experience. The campaign focused on allowing Latinos express the importance of voting by setting example and encouraging others to register to vote thus eliminating the perceived taboo of talking about voting.

“We know that Latinos are not a monolithic group of people. We have different ideas as to what pride means and what it looks like in our communities,” Duarte said.

Esperanza had two Mid Atlantic Emmy nominations in 2016 for the “Historias de Esperanza” documentary under the categories of Public/Current/ Community Affairs Program Special and Promotion- News and Programs and PSA Single Post.