Esperanza’s Solar Eclipse Party Featured in Univision 65

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Esperanza’s Solar Eclipse 2017 viewing party gathered more than 700 attendees from the Hunting Park community and beyond to witness the extraordinary phenomenon at Esperanza’s parking lot on Monday, August 21. Esperanza provided 400 solar viewers for free, and activities for the children and families to enjoy.

Univision 65 video journalist, Maria Berrelleza, covered the event and interviewed attendees. To watch the broadcast click here and read the full English transcript below.

A peculiar astronomical event is what dozens of people experienced today in North Philadelphia. “I’m very happy and excited, excited because this is a very important and unforgettable event that I may not see any more, I may die before the next one comes” (Ana Rodriguez, 1st time observing an eclipse). Although some were afraid of what was about to happen, others were ready to witness this phenomenon. “I’m nervous, trying not to go blind” (Angelica Marin, Event Participant); “Happy because we don’t see this every day, it is an event that is happening again in 2045 or something like that, who knows if I’ll be able to see it next time“ (Sergio Verades, 2nd time experiencing an eclipse).

The event was organized by Esperanza in which children and adults observed this phenomenon using different sun viewers in a safe manner. “What we see here is a sun spotter and what it does is to create an image of the sun through different mirrors.” (Gabriella Gabriel Paez, event organizer).

In Philadelphia we could observe a range of 80% of what was the solar eclipse from 1:20 to 4pm. “It is a historical moment, especially for this generation that has not experienced an eclipse before” (Arturo Suarez, first time observing an eclipse). Approximately 2 mins and 40 secs was what the eclipse lasted at its peak at around 2:44 pm, leaving many satisfied after the long wait. “I feel like I’m part of History” (Darlenys Melo, 1st time experiencing a solar eclipse). “I liked it a lot, it was beautiful when I looked up…” (Observed the solar eclipse at the age of 12).