Esperanza Talks: Sultana Yeasmin – “I’ve done it!”

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Meet Sultana Yeasmin, a Philadelphia resident who is graduating today (January, 25th) from Esperanza’s Cyber Charter School!

Growing up, Sultana didn’t have a good experience at school. After dealing with depression and her father’s passing, she motivated herself to go back to school. This time she decided to finish at Esperanza’s cyber school.

“There are people out there who really do care for me. Unfortunately, my dad hasn’t been able to see me graduate, but if he is looking somewhere at least I can tell him ‘Dad, even if you couldn’t see it in person (your) spirit is going to see me graduate,” Sultana said.

Esperanza is proud to help students like Sultana achieve their goals in spite of their struggles and create transformative experiences for them.

If you are interested in learning more about Esperanza Cyber Charter School visit http://www.esperanzacyber.org/.