Esperanza Launches “My Neighbor’s Rights” Campaign

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National Education Campaign to support Immigrant Communities and the Dignity of all Immigrants

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Philadelphia, PA – August 16, 2017. Esperanza, a national organization that strengthens Hispanic communities through education, economic development, and advocacy, has launched My Neighbor’s Rights (MNR) a campaign to equip people of faith and individuals around the country with tools to support immigrant communities. MNR provides up-to-date, accurate, and trustworthy information about immigrant civil rights through a series of educational videos available both in English and Spanish.

The videos, available at https://www.esperanza.us/mnr-videos/, discuss the rights of the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Esperanza is working with churches nationwide to show these videos as part of an effort to make Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 focus on “My Neighbor’s Rights.”

“My Neighbor’s Rights was birthed from this discussion to address the need for truthful information for immigrant families in our churches,” said Rev. Luis Cortés, Jr, Founder, President and CEO of Esperanza. “My hope is that this campaign will not only address this need but also create an authentic bond between people who share these videos. The human rights and dignity of all immigrants has to be respected regardless of their legal status.”

Esperanza is partnering with churches, community organizations and individuals around the country to support friends, coworkers, neighbors, and fellow church members who are undocumented

“As Christians, we are commanded by God to love our neighbors as ourselves. This command led us to think about the issues that are causing fear and distress to our neighbors and how we can show love in those areas,” Rev. Cortés Jr said.

Esperanza has resources available for churches and individuals who can support and inform immigrants of their rights at: www.esperanza.us/MyNeighborsRights. Churches may join the campaign by signing up at the following link: http://bit.ly/mnrSignUp.

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