Esperanza Cyber Charter School: Your Online Education Choice

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This October, Esperanza Cyber Charter School launches an aggressive, engagement-focused marketing initiative called The ECCS Choice aimed to target the North Philadelphia Latino/African-American Neighborhood (NPLAN). This campaign will be deployed across schools in class presentations, public presentations as well as via radio and outdoor presence in SEPTA bus lines.

The Esperanza Cyber Charter School is a public charter that provides online education for students in grades K-12. That means students can study from the comfort of their own homes, learning at their own pace while still receiving the highest quality FREE education possible.

ECCS provides a choice for students and parents who are looking for an accelerated graduation path, credit recovery, or simply a safe space to learn and study.

This institution provides our immediate community an effective solution for students who may not fit into a standard, brick-and-mortar school setting or who may need to learn on a different schedule. Our cyber institution not only offers full-time support from teachers and staff, but also FREE laptops and reimbursement for internet costs.

The Esperanza Cyber Charter School’s mission commits to providing a quality education that prepares critically thinking, socially capable, spiritually sensitive and culturally aware young adults for college. It is the best option for online education in North Philadelphia.