Esperanza College Continues to Make Higher Education Accessible in Our Community

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Fulfilling Our Purpose …..


At Esperanza College we offer our students financial support through several funding options: 1) Free Aid – which includes our International Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Pell Grant, PHEAA State Grant, and most importantly the Esperanza Grant; 2) Federal Student Loans both subsidized and unsubsidized and; 3) Self Help – Tuition Payment Plans and Federal Work Study. Federal Work Study became an option for our students a short three years ago. We started with just two student workers in year 1 and we are proud to say that this year we currently have 15 student employees. They have been working in positions that support the work of several departments: General Education, Early Childhood Education, Admissions, Medical Assisting, and AMLA. One hundred percent of students at Esperanza College receive some sort of aid in completing their associates degree here.


Along with several open houses which allow prospective students to visit Esperanza College to learn more about academic programs and admissions, representatives visit local schools and college fairs to bring the information directly to the community. On October 25,  Esperanza College students shared information with the residents of Northwest Philadelphia about Esperanza College at State Representative Cherelle L. Parker’s Annual College, Vocational & Labor Information Fair at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church.

On top of that, Esperanza College has encouraged prospective students from our community in new, unique ways. On November 12, Youth Build Philadelphia Charter School students visited Esperanza College. Youth Build students made a decision to return to high school within the last year after dropping out of their original school. Their visit to Esperanza College was designed to give them hope and show them examples of academic excellence. During their visit they learned about the admissions process, toured the campus, and met with program directors and students.


Drexel University has partnered with Esperanza College to promote healthy living through their UJIMA program.  Their goal is to influence physical, mental, and emotional health.  Each year, they send speakers to discuss with our students things like nutrition, emotional stress, and general healthy living ideas. This past August, we held our second annual UJIMA Retreat and students were asked to look at their natural talents, their interests, and their priorities.

We have seen strong friendships that have developed between the attendees. They all appear to be very focused on what they want to accomplish during their time at Esperanza College.  These students have become solid in who they are and even their decision making process. Some have met with administrators to set their goals for what they want after they graduate from Esperanza College. As a result of these conversations, multiple meetings have been set-up with advisors at Bachelor level universities.  It is always encouraging when students take advantage and participate in activities or workshops that will expand their learning and college experience. This was the case this year as students across our various academic disciplines participated in a breast cancer advocacy training in partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Here is one student’s reflection on the training she received:

“Are you actually aware of breast cancer? I thought I was until I attended the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia breast cancer awareness training. I was mindful of the deadly disease, and how important it is to raise awareness to help find a cure. However, I didn’t know the true meaning and importance behind it all until I started the Susan G. Komen program. I didn’t realize how much risk there is, how early you should get examined, or how men can also be a victim of breast cancer. This program expanded my knowledge of true awareness of breast cancer, and from the first day of training I became a walking advocate for breast cancer.

The Komen Philadelphia program put me to work with live interactions with people who wanted to know more about breast cancer. Who had question that I was able to answer, and gave them resources that they needed to get proper care.  It was an amazing feeling to know that I could potentially help save someone’s life. As mentioned in training, many women don’t know the main risk of breast cancer is being a woman. Therefore, how important it is to get breast examinations, mammograms, and knowing what’s normal for you to get diagnosed early. Knowing the facts about breast cancer can help anyone be one less death caused by breast cancer. The Komen Philadelphia program accomplished exactly what they intended to do, plant a seed of true awareness at Esperanza College.”

This is the hope that Esperanza is dedicated to spreading throughout our community and our city. This is The Esperanza Opportunity.