ECI 2015 is Bringing Transformative Dialogue into our Communities

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Join us October 28 and 29 for the Esperanza Capacity Institute, offering a variety of workshops for your business, non-profit organization, or church.

Esperanza Capacity Institute is an amazing educational opportunity in which community leaders can learn from other professionals in their specialized fields. Experts offer workshops that help address organizational issues, administrative processes, finance, and marketing as well as improve leadership and effectiveness.

This is where Esperanza’s mission to strengthen Hispanic communities really shines. Capacity building is an important part of our work for the community and it is an important part of helping you, as community leaders, learn to do the same.

A few things to look out for on the schedule include concentration tracts:

  • Nonprofit Capacity Building
  • Housing Counseling
  • Women of Esperanza (Mujeres de Esperanza)
  • Youth Ministry Development
  • Chaplaincy Engagement
  • Relational Mentoring

One of the most exciting aspects of ECI is the plenary series designed to engage conference-goers in a meaningful dialogue, to change hearts, minds, and communities.

Plenary Session 1: The Esperanza Opportunity

President and CEO of Esperanza Rev. Luis Cortes will address all attendants and share who we are as an organization, a brief history, and where we are going.

Plenary Session 2: Community Policing

Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross of the Philadelphia Police will speak to the importance of Community Policing and how the Philadelphia Police Department aims to build bridges with its community in how it serves and protect.

Plenary Session 3: The Barrio Youth Initiative

Pastor Ruben Ortiz will speak to the development of the Esperanza Barrio Youth Initiative, a new program aiming to serve as a key influence for future Youth Leaders in Christian ministry.

Plenary Session 4: Fund Raising & Networking

The Esperanza Development Department will share ideas and approaches to developing interest in your organization through networking and fund raising.

Plenary Session 5: Building Bridges between Police and Community

Rev. Luis Cortes, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Ramsey, and other clergy leaders from the region will participate in a panel discussion on how to build bridges with the community to proactively prevent crisis reactions like those in other cities.

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