Drama Majors Stir Up Emotions at Annual Monologue Festival


Friday, March 3 the drama majors performed at the second Esperanza Academy Annual Monologue Festival where students wrote and performed original monologues about broken family relationships, hilarious anecdotes, technology connections vs human connections, and political satire.

Dwight Wilkins, Esperanza Academy Drama Teacher, has been teaching script analysis at Esperanza Academy High School for three years and explained how students always prepare in great detail to interpret their monologues. The interpretations were so powerful and heartfelt that the audience wrestled with its emotions going from laughter to tears.

“For every script you have to analyze it and make sure you understand it so you can perform it correctly,” Wilkins said. “After the script analysis they start memorizing their lines and rehearsing. They keep rehearsing and rehearsing until they are ready to perform.”

The students submitted their monologues to the 2017 Young Voices High School Monologue Festival along with over 450 students. Esperanza Academy student, Brandon Dejesus, and his monologue Better Technology, Horrible Connection was chosen as one of the 17 winners of the 2017 festival. In collaboration with Dejesus, his monologue will be directed by a professional director, and performed by a professional actor from April 13 to 22.