Dance Students Excel During 2018 Winter Dance Concert

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The auditorium at Esperanza Academy Charter School was full as family and friends gathered to watch the 2018 Winter Dance Concert on Saturday, Jan 20.

“The Winter Dance Concert is the end of semester performance for all majors and the Esperanza Academy Dance Ensemble,” said Tania Ramos, the Dance Teacher and Director of the Dance Ensemble. “It is designed to provide the students with a performance experience allowing them to demonstrate their mastery of technical and performance dance skills, while also allowing the friends and family to see their growth and celebrate with them.”

Ms. Ramos was excited for the eight senior dance majors who performed solos, and for the fact that her students had taken so much ownership of their craft this year; of the twenty-two pieces in the concert, she only choreographed three, while the rest were choreographed by the students themselves.

“This is the first concert at Esperanza Academy where 90% of the content was choreographed by the dance students,” she said. “Even the Dance Ensemble members took it upon themselves to create choreographic projects like the dance majors.”

Congratulations to the students for putting on a fantastic concert!