Bringing Life to Hunting Park

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In the past four years, Esperanza has embarked in a mission to bring life back to the Hunting Park neighborhood. This process started with the drafting of the Hunting Park Neighborhood Strategic Plan in 2012, followed by a series of implementation projects.

From this plan, Esperanza gave birth to NeighborCare, a program that seeks to help neighbors make and keep their blocks beautiful. NeighborCare consists of a $1,000 grant awarded to blocks within the area to work on beautification projects such as planters, benches, paint, etc. With four grant cycles completed to date, this program has quickly become a success. It has not only transformed the look and feel of many parts of the neighborhood, but it has also been recognized as a national best practice by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, the funder of this program.

So far, Esperanza has awarded over $80,000 through 125 grants to 89 unique blocks, impacting over 10,000 people in the neighborhood. In 2016 alone, Esperanza awarded grants to 43 blocks, 7 of which are located in the Wyoming Avenue commercial corridor. These projects, although simple, have had a positive impact in the neighborhood, from enhancing the residents’ pride and spirit, to creating cleaner, safer and more beautiful blocks.