After a 10-year prison sentence, you gave William hope!

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Spring has arrived and here at Esperanza, the roots of opportunity have been planted thanks to the generosity of donors like you who believe that our community blossoms when everyone takes a turn at watering and tilling the soil.

Esperanza CareerLink client William Jones served a ten-year prison sentence and feared he would never live a normal life again. The stigma of his past mistake prevented him from finding stable employment and he worried he would find himself back on the inside. Things started looking up when William found Esperanza CareerLink.

“They’ve been great to me. It’s like I’m the only person who came through the door, that’s how much they’ve been doing for me.”  Speaking about his career counselor, Ms. Barnes, William says “she uses all her resources to better my life.”

William now holds two part-time jobs and hopes to continue his work with Esperanza CareerLink to earn a pardon so he can pursue his dream of becoming an EMT.

William’s story reminds us that when you work hard to maintain hope, you can beat the odds.

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