Advocating with Karla 

Stories of Hope

None of us should have to walk through life’s challenges alone. Obtaining citizenship can make it possible for immigrants with medical challenges to be closer to the family and friends who make up their support network, access quality health benefits, and travel freely.  These potential new citizens require a strong advocate in their corner to walk with them through the legal process.

This was the case for Karla, an immigrant born with Down Syndrome who was looking to become a naturalized citizen. To apply for citizenship, Karla needed a doctor to complete a medical waiver that explained the learning challenges that prevented her from learning English and taking the required civics test.

EILS provided the legal assistance to complete appropriate paperwork that Karla could not fill out herself and helped with providing evidence of her claims. The EILS team also worked with Karla’s aunt, who was already a U.S. citizen, to become her designated representative and receive an oath waiver to take Karla’s citizenship oath for her.

We are thrilled to share that Karla’s application was approved! Today, she has access to benefits that will lift the economic burden on her family and offer her the opportunity for a full life here. Genesis loves traveling with her mother to visit friends in their home country of the Dominican Republic.

It’s not enough to see a problem – we are compelled in dark times to take action.  Generosity inspires us.  Community and connection move us forward.  

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