A Night To Serve Others

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It’s holiday season! Despite the hectic daily routine it is a wonderful time to enjoy fellowship, spread love and hope, and most importantly serve those in need. On Dec. 8, 2016, Esperanza had the privilege of hosting the #Cena2016 with the Univision 65 cast. A holiday dinner served by both the Esperanza College staff, students, and the Univision 65 cast.

Although a Univision tradition, this year Esperanza had the privilege of partnering at its own headquarters to host the 10 families that were chosen to be served a wonderful holiday dinner. The Hispanic families came from diverse backgrounds and were recognized for their courage and resilience despite the hardships and difficulties of their lives. Most families have endured physical and economic obstacles and yet they have worked so hard to provide a better life for their families.

The night was a joyful celebration filled with traditional Hispanic music, food and gifts.