A Message from Rev. Luis Cortés on MLK Day


Dr. Martin Luther King believed that every human being is born in the image of God – unique, with an individual soul – and that God demands that we “love one another, like God loves us.” Christian faith teaches us that God loves all of us so much, God transformed into a human person and allowed for that human person, Jesus of Galilee, to suffer a terrible death to atone for our iniquities. MLK took this message and mandate to heart.

If we each have an individual soul and are all created equal in the eyes of God, what should we do? How should we express our love for our neighbor? How do we love our enemies?

As we observe MLK Day, try hard to think of those whose souls are most foreign to you. Who are people you don’t understand, who may even bring fear when you think of them? Who might you feel is your enemy?

Say this prayer for them and for you:

“God, help me to be an instrument of Your love. Help me understand, and have empathy for people who are different, who I don’t understand, who are or may be my enemy. Let me try to be more like Jesus every day – being a healer to those who come before me in need. Give me a love of all souls created by God. Amen.”

As our nation searches for ways for people with opposing viewpoints to communicate, let us be in prayer, seeking the reconciliation and peace that comes from God.


Rev. Luis Cortés, Jr.

Founder, President and CEO of Esperanza