30 Great Philly Nonprofits to Give To This Year

Esperanza in the News

The pandemic reinforced just how powerful the simple act of giving can be. These are a few of our favorite causes.

Neighborhood development


What It Does – Supports the Latino community
Budget – $40M founded
Founded – 1986

How do you help Latino families succeed when they believe the public education system, the very foundation of that success, is failing their children? That’s the concern that pushed Luis Cortés Jr. to create Esperanza, a faith-based nonprofit designed to strengthen the Latino community. Cortés took the Biblical imperative to serve the least of these literally; today, Esperanza provides 25,000 families each year with a smorgasbord of programs that includes arts, community development, immigration and legal services. Esperanza’s chief function is still education, though, and it runs a charter school, a cyber charter school and a college to that end. Cortés says that when you help people to the point that they can say “I can” — that’s the transformational moment that changes everything. Get involved: esperanza.us.