#YoSoyLaCara- Join the Latino Community Pride Campaign

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The #YoSoyLaCara campaign is in full swing. Banners are mounted throughout the Hunting Park and 5th Street Corridor area showcasing some of the best of our neighborhood including local business owners, students, and religious leaders.

Community members have been encouraged to post “selfies” via social media with the hashtag #YoSoyLaCara in order to represent their neighborhood pride. There has been an excellent turnout so far. Take a look at a collection of some of the pictures shared so far! All of these amazing people have shown that they are proud of their community and what they do.

Are you proud?

If you haven’t already, please like Esperanza on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at esperanza_us. We encourage you to participate in the initiative by posting your “selfies” with the hashtag #YoSoyLaCara to show your community pride, or re-post our message on Esperanza’s Facebook page and re-tweet us on Twitter.