The Power of the Voto Latino is in US!

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The Coalition Pro-Voto Latino met at Esperanza College on Wednesday, October 26 to promote civic engagement and the importance of the Latino vote in this historical election. Representatives from a diverse set of organizations including “Accion Colombia,”La Casa Argentina,” “Nueva Casa Dominicana (NCD),” “Casa Cultural Dominicana (CCD),” Philatinos,” and others convened to speak about their mission and goals for increasing the Latino participation in this crucial election.

Esperanza welcomes and supports the efforts of the coalition, and also invites the members of the coalition to join forces with our own #YoSoyLaCara campaign, which is designed to encourage Latino voter registration and turnout. Dario Bellot, one of the coalition leaders, states: “We are glad to join the #YoSoyLaCara campaign and to share with the community the reasons why we are voting in this election,” said Dario Ballot. The stakes are high and the time is now for the Latino community to decide their future by voting in this election. Do your part and vote on November 8th!