The Path to the Arts: Andrick’s Story

Stories of Hope

Andrick first discovered his passion for the performing arts while studying at Esperanza Academy Charter School, known for its academic excellence and vibrant majors programs. Andrick was first introduced to the Teatro Esperanza stage as a student performer of the Esperanza Academy Dance Ensemble. It was a platform to express himself and to envision the possibilities as an artist.

When Andrick graduated, it was just the beginning of his story with Esperanza. Returning to the place that first inspired him, Andrick joined the Esperanza Arts Center team as a Mentor Fellow and Marketing Associate Intern.

Fellows like Andrick receive vocational training in arts administration and production with accomplished industry professionals and can continue their career in the arts through paid internships and entry-level positions at partner venues in the region such as the Kimmel Center, Mann Center for the Performing Arts, and more. These experiences and connections are essential:

“I get opportunities to assist in productions and learn new skills, and to watch different groups and amazing talent perform in our space, for the people in the neighborhood where I grew up…it is always a pleasure walking into new productions and playing a role in making them happen.” Andrick shares.

For Andrick, Esperanza provides an opportunity to work in the performing arts in a place that feels like home. He says, “…being a mentor fellow has allowed me to stay in the performance space that I have loved while being able to help others in my community.” The internship offers Andrick the opportunity to learn more about the behind the scenes work of arts marketing and administration, and the development of new programs and series dedicated to our Latin arts and cultural traditions.

When we last spoke, Andrick was attending community college and was preparing to apply to Temple University’s school of dance. We look forward to seeing how his time at EAC will help Andrick grow in his performance career!