The Esperanza Capacity Institute 2016: A Call to ACTION

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None of us are blind to the fact that these are trying times for our country and especially for our inner cities. The truth is that as long as there is light, the darkness can never extinguish it. Through trying times, we find success through the struggle, hope through adversity, and we see the best in people come out in spite of the worst.

That’s why the Esperanza Capacity Institute is evolving to meet not only the every day needs of those who run valuable non-profits, but also the needs of all those who seek to heal our communities within the current sociopolitical landscape. We want the Esperanza Capacity Institute to transform you for the betterment of your organizations, ministries, and communities.

Check out some of the workshops we’re offering for the Youth Ministry concentration, and be inspired:

City of Darkness or City of Light? – Viewing the City as a Place of Abundance and Hope. How do you describe the city? By its violent stats? By it lack of educational attainment? By its poverty? This workshop looks at the city as a place full of assets and hope. Jesus took the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness, and settled in a city.

Responding to Community Crisis – How Can Your Youth Ministry be a Part of the Solution in Times of Crisis? Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas. You’ve seen the news stories of brutality, anger, and violence. What is the role of the Christian youth in times like these? This workshop will provide you with practical ideas and steps to involve your youth ministry in critical issues even before they happen.

Rebuilding North Philly – How Youth Can, and Should Be Involved in Rebuilding Our Neighborhoods. Can community transformation happen only with gentrification? Isn’t this the responsibility of government? In this workshop you will learn about community development and transformation using Esperanza as a case study in Hunting Park. The workshop will provide you with practical ways to involve your youth in the well-being of our city.