Teatro Esperanza Summer Update

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In June, Teatro Esperanza wrapped up their immensely successful pilot season.

“The season allowed us to ‘christen’ the new theater with a broad spectrum of performances and events,” explained Bill Rhoads, Senior Vice President of the Esperanza Arts Center.

From Ballet X and the Philadelphia Orchestra, to Esperanza’s very own AMLA, the pilot season included exciting performances that celebrated Latino art and culture.

With its first full season starting in September, Teatro Esperanza is now devoting the summer to adding some finishing touches to the new space.

“By the launch of our first full season, Teatro Esperanza will be fully outfitted with state of the art equipment to support live productions in music, theater, and dance; a cinema series; and a recording and broadcast studio to serve our community and spotlight the very best in Latino arts and culture,” said Rhoads.

Performances at the fully-outfitted theater this fall will include DeCerca by the Pennsylvania Ballet, Trouble with My Name by Javier Ávila, Argentinian singer Sofia Viola, and Segundos Sabados Family Series, which will include free games and other fun activities for the whole family.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of performances, dates, and tickets later this month.