Students See History Come to Life at the Freedoms Foundation

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Twenty-two students from Esperanza Academy along with their Social Studies teachers Pete Bruno and Andrew Wakelee were chosen to take part in a weekend-long exploration of American History and the virtues of our democratic process at the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

Throughout the 3-day experience, the students were given the opportunity to see the history of America’s Constitution come alive through historical reenactment, actively engage in the legislative process, and learn about successful leaders in the modern world.

Independence Hall“With over 100 students in total on this trip, our students proudly represented Esperanza by demonstrating their many great teamwork and leadership skills int he large group sessions and during our visits to historic sites,” said instructor Pete Bruno, “I was very proud that they all had such a vested interest in taking away as much as possible from this unique experience. They were all genuinely very interested in learning about American history and how our government functions.”

Freedoms Foundation’s mission is to educate people about American rights and responsibilities, honor acts of civic virtue, and challenge all to reject apathy and get involved. Their vision is that all Americans actively engage in our democracy by celebrating our heritage, defending the Constitution, and protecting individual freedoms.